2016/17 Directory Information & Advertisment Submission

For Invoices and Correspondance -Can be Postal or Email
If you do not have a land line, put your mobile number here.

I/We would like to participate in the KRBA Katanning & Districts Community Directory for the 2016/17 edition.
The details of the type of advertisement/s that I/We would like to run are as follows:

If NO and you would like to become a member, please see below membership options and pricing.
Please note that all prices include GST
Please note pricing varies between members and non-members.
FREE For 1/4, 1/2 & Full Page Ads
FREE For 1/2 & Full Page Ads
FREE For Full Page Ads Only
FREE For Full Page Ads Only
Maximum file size is 8mb
Ensure all ads are in .jpeg .jpg .pdf .tiff .eps format
Ensure all document files are in .doc .pub or .pdf format
NB: If you have more than one file to upload please email directly to: business@krba.com.au

An Invoice will be sent to your address and must be paid for in full for you ad to go to print.

Only fill in if you need a purchase order on your invoice as a reference.

1. DISCLAIMER – The Katanning Regional Business Association (KRBA) takes the utmost care in compiling the Directory, but does not guarantee that the Directory is free from omissions or error. KRBA and its committee, members and employees shall have no liability for any expense, damage or loss incurred or arising as a result of any person relying on any material published in this Directory due to any misrepresentation, breach of the Trade Practices Act, omission or error in published material.

2. KRBA endeavours to place all advertisements in alphabetical order by advertising size largest to smallest (full page to Standard Bold Type) within each category. All advertisements will be listed alphabetically in accordance with the Registered Trading Name where possible. The onus is on the advertiser to provide KRBA with the correct details.

a. Display Advertisements have set format sizes (shown below) and appear in a set format within the directory.

¼ Page - 60 mm x 95 mm
½ Page - 125 mm x 185 mm
Full Page - 125 mm x 185 mm

b. Standard Bold Type (SBT) appears in one set format:

Name of Business (one business name only)
Address of Business (one business address only)
Phone Fax OR Mobile

c. Advertisement proofs will be issued on all new and altered advertisements. Any further alterations must be returned to KRBA by the return date printed on each proof. Any proof not returned by this date will be deemed correct for publication in the directory. Two proofs will be supplied free of charge per advertisement. If additional proofs are required, a cost of $50 per proof may be charged.


Red Bold Types (RBT)

- Are provided to KRBA members only (members must be financial at the time of printing to receive red listing)
- Include business name, phone number and either fax or mobile number
- KRBA members are entitled to one RBT per business membership
- RBT’S cannot be purchased.

Black Bold Types (BBT)
- Are provided for advertisers of the Business and Community Service Group Section
- Includes Business Name, one Phone Number and either fax or mobile number.
- One per advertised Business Name.
- BBT’s cannot be purchased.

Small Types

- Are provided to all residential and non-advertisers.
- Includes Surname or Business Name, Initials for Residential, Address and Phone number.
- Only one free listing is available per standard address.
- Additional Listings attract a $15.00 fee.
- All artwork supplied by advertisers (e.g. Logos, photos, pictures and full advertisement design) must be in accordance with the Artwork Specifications supplied by KRBA (see page 4). KRBA does not guarantee the quality of advertisements if artwork is not supplied according to Artwork Specifications.
- All artwork produced by KRBA for the advertiser becomes the property of KRBA and cannot be used or reproduced without the consent of KRBA.

- Are required in writing, dated and signed by the authorised advertiser.
- A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be applied to any advertisement cancelled after 30th September, 2015.
- Cancellations may not be accepted after Monday 19th October, 2015 and businesses will be required to pay the full advertising amount for advertisements cancelled after this date.

- All advertisements must be paid in full by 31st October, 2015 to be included in the 2016/17 KRBA Directory. KRBA will withdraw advertisements that are not paid in full by this date without notice!
- Any costs incurred by KRBA in collecting overdue invoices will be at the advertiser’s expense.

- All advertising bookings must be received by KRBA no later than 30th June, 2015.
- All artwork supplied by advertisers for use in advertisements must be received by KRBA no later than 30th June, 2015. KRBA does NOT accept responsibility for any errors that may occur in advertisements if bookings &/or artwork is NOT received by the due date.

All placed graphics/logos must be grayscale OR CMYK made up to colour specifications below.
Spot colours are printed red but made up as following:
All placed graphics/logos must be a minimum of 300 DPI & min of 90% of required size.
On spot or full colour ads all reversed type must be a min of 12pt.
On mono ads all reversed type must be a min of 7 pts
All fonts must be embedded (includes base 14).
Use only Postscript Type 1 Fonts
GCR is recommended with total ink density 240%
Black Ink Limit 80% and allow for 30% Dot Gain
Screen Ruling is 100 Lines/Inch
Turn off all colour management in Photoshop if applicable
We don’t support colour management and any ICC profiles that are embedded will be removed.
All colour spaces will be automatically converted to spot colour.
No bleeds are available on KRBA advertisers section.